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      A Different Haitian

      Brand influence: To keep the brand in a leading place, we have to be a real brand well-known and trusted by millions of families.

      Driven by brand influence, we have been steadily occupying a leading position in China's condiment & sauce industry from all the time that we has significantly achieved the brand advantage. The popularity, reputation and influence of the “Haitian” brand have been continuously improved that Haitian has developed from a regional brand to a well-known Chinese brand and then to an international one.

      By the end of 2017, “Haitian” has become the “Chinese Time-honored Brand”, the “Most Competitive Brand in the Market”, the “Top 20 Famous Brands among China's Food Industry”, the “Most Popular Brand for the Past 20 Years in Chinese Condiment & Sauce Industry” and the “Chinese brand with fastest growing of Consumer Reach Points". Picked from the shelves by 122 million urban families with a household penetration rate of 71.4%, Haitian is the only one among Chinese condiment & sauce companies standing on the List of brands purchased by over 100 million of urban families presented by Kantar Consumer Index in 2017. In the newly released “Hurun Brand List 2017” , we ranked 38th with a brand value of 34 billion RMB, among Chinese brands, while we ranked 2nd in China's food and beverage industry and it’s the fifth year we consecutively ranked no. 1 in the Chinese condiment & sauce industry. We really make our brand as the leading brand in China’s condiment & sauce industry and a Chinese brand well-known and trusted by millions of families around the world.


      Power of Product: To stay ahead with our advantage of products, we have to convert the "difficulty to please all" into the "ability to please all".

      Being consumer-oriented, we have always been committed to establishing a complete product range of "Chinese-style flavor". After many years of elaborate development, we currently have hundreds of products in more than 300 specifications, covering several major series, such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, paste, vinegar, cooking wine, sauce, chicken extract, chicken powder, fermented bean curd and etc. the current production products have covered soy sauce, oyster sauce, sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, sauces, chicken powder, chicken powder, fermented bean curd Such as several major series of more than 100 varieties of more than 300 specifications. Thanks to the continuous improvement of our product structure and development of new products, we could ensure our products meeting the needs of different levels of consumers, and thus we could continuously strengthen our market capacity and enhance our reputation in the consumer market.

      By the end of 2017, we won the “Grand Slam” in China's condiment & sauce industry with our production and sales consecutively occupying the market’s no.1 for several years. Moreover, we won several product champions, e. g. the production and sales volume of Haitian soy sauce ranked no. 1 for 20 consecutive years, the market share of Haitian oyster oil continuously ranked top 1 for several years, and Haitian paste with Haitian soybean paste as its core product has occupied the largest market share consecutively for several years. Every dish has its own style and thus hundred dishes will have hundred flavors. We have created the industry-leading huge product groups for single items for the diversified segments of cooking, such as Haday Wei Ji Xian Soy Sauce, Haday Golden Label Superior Light Soy Sauce, Haday Superior Oyster Sauce, Haday Superior Mushroom Soy Sauce and Haday Soybean Paste. And each of the single items has an annual sales revenue over 1 billion RMB.


      Power of Channel: To maintain the leading place with our channel advantage, we have to ensure that every family could purchase our products easily.

      Taking good faith as the cornerstone, we have chronically worked on the brand building of Haday that it has been impressing the consumers with its “delicious, healthy, honest, and sunny” image. Thanks to it, we have enormous brand influence, attracting innumerable loyal consumers and a large number of capable distributors. The continuous improvement of channel construction and the continuous deepening of channel development have enabled us to constantly expand our market wider, deeper and faster for long. We also have established a green-lit road to deliver our products to different sales terminals.


      By the end of 2017, we have formed the most powerful marketing network in the industry with a comprehensive and solid coverage. We have an offline network covering more than 2,600 distributors, over 16,000 alliance dealers and over 500,000 direct sales points. The network covers 31 provincial-level administrative regions, over 320 prefecture-level cities and more than 1400 counties in China. Our products are sold throughout the major supermarket chains, all levels of farmers wholesale markets, urban and rural convenience stores and town and village retail stores in China, and exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. We also have online channels in B2C, B2B, new retail, and other sections that we have well cooperated with the major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, Suning, Vipshop, Freshhema, Bingo Box, LST, Xin.JD and so on. Moreover, we will continue to explore the new marketing models actively and speed up the construction of our own e-commerce platform, so as to adapt us to the ever-changing consumer habits and trends in the new technology era and maintain our competitiveness in online and offline markets.


      Power of R & D: Retaining competitive in the field of R&D, we must ensure every consumer feels comfortable to buy and eat.

      Being quality-oriented, we have always insisted on taking product quality as the first priority. We have continuously kept improving our core craftsmanship, innovating for core technologies, and upgrading of our facilities and equipments. By continuously making progress in scientific research, introducing the new technology, staying ahead, we are now achieving the advanced level around the world for our research capability and equipments. That means we have transformed and upgraded from the traditional manufacturing model into the modern “intellectual” one, and we could ensure the long-lasting high quality and safety of products by using more high and new technology .

      As a model of transforming and upgrading from traditional industries in China, we have achieved a significant advantage of R&D in the industry by the end of 2017. We have natural sun drying fields with a total area of ??600,000 square meters, which are dedicated for brewing and drying of high-quality soy sauce. We have the ultrafiltration technology that is accredited as one of the 20 major scientific and technological progresses in China, which is specially used for sterilization and clarification of high-quality soy sauce. All the soy sauce pipelines are made of 316L stainless steel pipes, that is to ensure the food safety of high-quality soy sauce. Our fundraising project is targeting on the establishment of a world-class benchmarking flavoring company which is equipped to the world's top standard , with more than 10 fully automatic intelligent packaging production lines which could packed up to 48,000 bottles per hour, assembling robot palletizers, pressure-free transportation, 100,000-grade fully enclosed clean filling and high-precision detection systems for full-range monitoring. There are 4 highly intensive and automated stereoscopic warehouses to guarantee the high quality, in which it only takes 120 seconds to release the goods from the warehouse after order sent. And also the warehouses compulsively follow the rule "first-in, first-out" to ensure the shortest storage life of each box of goods.


       Power of Scale: To maintain the advantage of scale, we have to provide every family with cost-effective products.

      Scale is our prop that scale production is the key for development of traditional industries. Over the past decades, we have been adhering to the "scale" development strategy, by continuously expanding our production and sales throughout the country. Therefore, we have made a big difference on the situation of the condiment & sauce industry which had been of small scale, rare variety and regionalized influence for long. Our sustained advantage of scale not only enhances the flexibility of our price and the premium ability of our brand, but also helps us to gain the consumers’ recognition and praise widely for our “delicious affordable” products.

      By the end of 2017, we have established an industry-leading advantage of scale in product scale, production and sales scale, hardware scale, and efficiency scale. Regarding the scale of the product, there are hundreds of products in more than 300 specifications, covering several major series of soy sauce, oyster sauce and seasoning sauce. Regarding the scale of production and sales, the overall production capacity exceeds 2 million tons with an annual revenue over 14.5 billion RMB. For the scale of hardware, we have a world's leading condiment production base with an area of ??nearly 3,000 acres, in which there are natural sun drying fields and fermentation tanks with a total area of ??600,000 square meters, more than 10 fully automatic intelligent packaging production lines which could packed up to 48,000 bottles per hour and 4 stereoscopic warehouses with a total storage capacity of over 5 million tons. For the scale of efficiency, the annual output of soy sauce exceeds 300 tons per person.


       Power of Integration: Maintaining the advantage of integration, we must make good use of more and better resources of brand for refreshing the images of our products.

      With the goal of win-win, we have been focusing on brand cooperation and good faith cooperation. We have been cooperating well with the international or domestic first-class brands for many large projects, large scientific research and large-scale procurement in the different fields such as supplying, brand service providing, distributing and research institutions. Through the brand cooperation and the strong alliances, we not only make good use of more and better social resources to have win-win achievements with our partners, but also keep empowering us to continuously guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

      Focusing on optimizing the management of supply chain, we have established the industry's most representative closed-loop supply chain management system by the end of 2017. Relying on big data, artificial intelligence and networking technology, with the help of ERP system, we have achieved the precise linking of supply chain such as procurement, production, logistics, and sales. The peak value of product delivery reaches 17,000 tons/day, and the average inventory turnover is about 3 days. Only 4-5 operators is required for a single production and packaging line with a speed of 48,000 bottles per hour. The entire process quality management chain is improved day by day, which covers raw materials, koji making, fermentation, filling, and warehousing. Each bottle of our product could be traceable rapidly and efficiently. And the urban household penetration rate of our product exceeds 70%.


       Leadership: to keep the lasting advantage of leadership, we have to push the development of China's flavoring industry with our standards

      As a leading company in the industry and led by innovation, we have always considered industry exploration, development and innovation as our own responsibility that we have always been committed to heritage and innovation of the traditional brewing techniques by using the modern scientific technologies. To keep increasing the capability of independent research and innovation and to build the independent intellectual property system, we annually invest 3% of our sales revenue in R&D, and through several fields such as systems, funds, and human resources, we ensure that the ability of innovation is treated as our company's development genes and core competence. That is to push the improvement of the industry's overall innovation ability and technological level, and to promote the upgrading of both the economic development of condiment & sauce industry and the control of food safety.

      By the end of 2017, we not only have the industry-leading nationally accredited laboratories, but also the corporate postdoctoral workstations. We were appointed as deputy chairman of the national condiment industrial standardization technical committee, and secretariat of technical subcommittee of soy sauce and sauce. We have successively hosted and participated to make 6 national standards and 2 industrial standards. And also we have successively undertaken more than 10 national and provincial scientific research projects, and applied for a total of 83 patents for inventions and utility models. By converting the scientific and technological achievements into productivity, we not only developed ourselves, but also supported the progress of the industry.


       Power of Culture: Maintaining the advantage of culture, we nourish every family's sunshine life with our sunshine products.

      To be responsible, we always believe that as a leading condiment manufacturer, we have to undertake the greatest social responsibility to provide consumers with healthy, safe, high-quality products. We have always taken quality as the core competitiveness of the company's development. We have been constantly improving the procurement of raw materials, production process control and quality control of products, and thus formed the market capturing advantage of quality and gained the brand reputation.

      By the end of 2017, we have obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems Certification, ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems Certification and the Food Safety Credit Status A-level Certification of China Food Industry Association. Also we were one of the first to be awarded the National Green Factory. A professional bacteria culturing center was established to ensure the unique taste of our products. We adhere to natural sun drying for up to 3-9 months to ensure our products have the same flavor throughout the year. We make good use of the modern technology to ensure the safety, best flavor and good quality of our products, through the fully enclosed tower-disc koji making process which is extremely large-scale and intelligent, and the process of non-contact ultra-clean filling. At the same time, we actively opened our factories to the public and established a sunlight workshop for consumers to visit and supervise. Since the Sunshine Factory was opened five years ago, we has received more than 260,000 consumers from all over the country.

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